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Kaloust Guedel
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My work can is a record of ideas, thoughts and feelings exploring the nature of censorship of contemporaneous policies as well as socio-economical aspect of our daily lives. Day after day we encounter such familiarities through strategies often used by the media, policymakers, governmental institutions, adverts, and many other establishments that influence public opinions. 

Through my work I endeavor to communicate my views as a response to everyday events. To illustrate my dissenting views about manipulated information presented to the public, I lay a myriad of different varieties of materials thus imitating the same act of “covering-up” by veiling significant words and elements.

By means of manipulating and covering existing text from various sources as part of someone else’s expression’s base information, I create my own message; obscuring chosen words from the information and leaving the rest to stand by means of using colors along with conceptually seductive cut edges often representing political symbols and figures, thus achieving to divert awareness of the viewer and generating a cover-up in the same way information and facts are presented to the general public.
My perception of creativity is based on the beginning foundation where the journey starts, the message is transmitted leading to the concluding outcome, as an undetermined exploration it takes place within my personal wholeness based on developments of inner approaches and possibilities at a given time. Therefore, my inspiration is bound to simplicity, and as a rule, it is in conflict with common sense. An environment free of common sense invokes the abstract qualities of thought, thereby encouraging a uniquely energized dialogue. Each work is a reflection of the self in a fragmented way indicative of the pieces of a puzzle subject to “solution.”

I strive not to replicate nature as it may be apparent, but to express beauty and truth. Beauty is not in visual aesthetics of the object but rather in the elements which are in harmony with each other and their environment. My interpretations and concepts are not merely personal but signify the expression of a segment of our society sharing similar views and values on said subjects.

Verbal summarization of an artist's work may introduce a relevant picture, but should not be viewed as the ultimate basis upon which one can rely. It cannot convey the inner factors involved in the creative process in its entirety, which may be known through a particular experience only. Marcel Duchamp has eloquently pointed out ”…art history has consistently decided upon the virtues of a work of art through considerations completely divorced from the rationalized explanations of the artist“.



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