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Ed Roberts
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The ability to see layers of refined detail, the admiration of divided contrasts 
in color and the passion for mixed elements and textures are just a few of the 
qualities Ed Roberts exudes into his photorealist style of painting.  His preferred 
medium is acrylic paint.  His technique is executed with exact precision and refined 
smoothness which creates impressive pieces of art that are commonly mistaken for 
still life photographs instead of  paintings.  

Roberts is drawn to the genre of still life because of the amount of control that is 
awarded to the artist when creating pieces within this style.  Meticulously placed 
strokes and the demand for perfection are the structural talents that allow him to 
create the photorealist pieces that leave his admirers in awe and asking when 
his next pieces will be ready for viewing.  

Roberts is a self taught artist from Indiana who had not painted in over 20 yearswhich 
changed in 2010.  During the 20 year hiatus his time was consumed by the  demands
of running his own sign business and being a self employed businessman.  
Roberts often shares this fact when discussing his art work, however when you view  his pieces there is absolutely no evidence that he had gone even one year without painting.    

His pieces range from rustic to refined.  Each piece exhibits an amazing breadth of detail 
 and talent while creating an ambiance of relaxation and appreciation of life.  It feels as 
 though, when viewing the pieces containing the element of wine that, Roberts has poured a 
  glass of wine for you!  Enjoy.



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