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Marc Sijan
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(American, b. 1946)

Marc Sijan’s sculptures are “homages to humanity’s fascination with its own form a fascination which has compelled artists throughout the millennia to mirror life in virtually every medium.” His figures are lifelike, sensuous, and graceful. They are so true to life that they seem to be on the verge of movement, a mere instant away from action.

Sijan’s work is recognized as among the world’s most realistic sculptures. His dozens of one man museum exhibitions have broken attendance records worldwide. His work has been collected and exhibited throughout North America, Europe and the Middle East.

Sijan works within the tradition of figurative sculpture, but uses a modern approach. His realism recalls that of antiquity in its bold expression of human energy and poise, but he does not celebrate ideal form. His figures are gritty and natural, a tribute to real people. He uses the figure to express elements of the human condition, capturing a life-force in full swing. “I am seeking to freeze motion rather than suggest life,” he has noted. “The sculpture appears passive, but there is so much going on inside.”

Sijan received his Bachelor’s degree in art education from the University of Wisconsin in 1968 before pursuing a Master’s of Science in Art three years later. It was then that he began to sculpt the human form, sculptures which have since won recognition throughout the country.

Critics, collectors and curators alike recognize his work as the world’s most realistic figurative sculptures. His work has been included in the NYC Armory Show for the last two years. He has had over fifty one man museum exhibitions, including institutions such as the San Francisco Museum of Art, the Delaware Art Museum, the Pritkin Museum, The Butler Institute of American Art, Ulrich Museum of Art, Canton Art Institute and the Cuadro Museum in Dubai.






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