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Figure Demonstration by Renso Castaneda- Curso virtual de pintura


Oil Painting on canvas, 30 x 40 inches

I always start drawing, I tried to be very accurate before to start to painting.

I start the painting covering the most bigger parts, usually the background, then I apply the oil with turpentine, like it was a Watercolour, this composition is very simple then I keep the backgorund in cold colors and the body in warm colors.

When I get the whole background covered I continue with the figure, I use just three colors, burt siena, ultramrine blue, and orange the lights parts is just the white canvas.

When all the canvas is covered I let it get dry, it could take a week maybe more.

Now I begin to apply just oil and covering at the same time all the parts of the body, I mean shadows, midles tones, ligths and with a clean and soft brush to integrate everything.

The last thing I do is apply very thing layers of oil, in parts that it requires, for example, the chin, the nose, the hand, the foot, I use usually pure colors, like red, orange, viridian green, and sometime I mix them with white. this step do not have a period of time sometimes it took me even more time that it take me to get here, sometimes is less but it is not a esay step it takes control over the thin layers, but like everything it is just a matter of practice and time.

Unfortunately I did not take more pictures of the process I just get this last one when I get the painting almost finished

Here some details, you can see the warm colors of some parts of the hand, it was done with thin layers of red in diferent sesions in order to get the more natural result.




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